The Benefits of Audio Mastering & Mixing Online

Benefits of Audio Mastering

There are many ways to approach the production process when it comes to audio mastering & mixing online. The benefits of finding an online provider for mastering and mixing are many and doing so can greatly improve the final product.

The main benefits of audio mastering & mixing online are access to a more diverse pool of engineering talent, lower costs for travel and studio time, and the ability to listen and approve mixes or masters in a familiar environment.

Larger Pool of Engineering Talent

When it comes to engineering talent you’re no longer pigeon holed into using the local engineer or studio used for tracking.  You can utilize a local studio or home studio in the tracking phase and then hire an online mixing and mastering facility to finish out the final mixing and mastering. With the internet the doors are wide open to a diverse pool of talent out there.  It’s also not a bad idea to have someone with a fresh perspective take over the mixing or mastering process.

Lower Costs, Less Studio Time and No Travel

Another benefit to online audio mastering and mixing is the fact that you can now accomplish everything over the internet.  You can literally live in Kansas and hire a mix or mastering engineer that lives in a completely different part of the country or world for that matter.  Not having to book the studio time plus engineer is a big cost savings and not having to travel to the studio really saves money as well.  Today, budgets are much smaller and timelines more on-demand.  Having flexibility is another benefit to utilizing an online mastering or mixing company.

Remote Listening and Approval

With internet speeds hitting the gigabit range now, it’s so much easier to conduct music session and approval remotely via the internet. Having the ability to download a mixed version, test it out on familiar speakers, listening environments, etc is extremely beneficial to achieving the final sound and final approval.  I believe you get happier clients and better results when testing is done by clients in familiar listening environments.