Audio Mixing

Audio Mixing is a process of blending, balancing, controlling dynamics and adding effects to create a final stereo mix that best represents your sound. In today’s world, online audio mixing got a whole lot easier thanks to the Internet. No matter where you are in the world, we can start mixing your project by pushing and pulling files with our secure file management service. We accomplish all of our audio mixing tasks and approvals right over the Internet.


Delivery of Multi-track Files

​First step in the online audio mixing process is to deliver the multi-track files with any track notes. Please make sure you’ve bounced your final versions into a single standalone file (vocal comps, leads etc). We prefer individual .wav files for each final track version (per song). This allows us to be portable and not be tied to a specific mix platform (like Logic, ProTools etc). We want the raw audio at native resolution.  WE can also accept native ProTools files and can import projects that way as well.

Our Audio Mixing Process

​Once the files have been received the mix will be scheduled. The first mix is always most critical as it sets the tone. This sets overall parameters of how we want the top end to sound or low end sound, vocal placement etc. It’ll of course vary depending upon key, tempo, instrumentation, song arrangement as no one song will be identical. It gives us guidelines though. So, as we move through the first mix we’ll get it to a point that sounds presentable for feedback. A test .wav file will be provided for listening and critique. This may take several revisions. This is your opportunity to say more kick, less snare, more vocal, less reverb or whatever you hear needs changing. Upon approval we’ll then work towards the next song repeating the process and so forth.

Deliver Mixes for Approval in .WAV Format

​All final mixes are delivered in stereo .WAV format at the native resolution including copies at 16bit/44.1KHz. We can also do alternate mix versions for various uses. Such as vocal up versions, no lead vocals, music tracks, split tracks and more. Let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.

Our base platform for mixing is a Mac Pro (Windows 7 or OSX via Parallels) running ProTools with twin UAD Octo cards for access to the UAD plugins platform.


For MIXING we do all our work in the PROTOOLS platform.  We use a combination of internal DSP and top plugins from the  UAD platform and other plugin manufacturers.

WAVES – PSP Audio – Blue Cat Audio – Cub-tec – SPL – Soft Tube – Slate Digital

UAD PLUGINS (Universal Audio):

Manley Variable Mu & VOXBOX Channel
Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection
Chandler Limited Curve Bender EQ & Zener Limiter
Thermonic Culture Vulture
Sonnox Oxford Limiter
Studer A800 Tape Recorder
SSL 4000 Console Bundle Series
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
AMS RMX16 Reverb & Digital Delay
1176 Classic Limiter Collection
Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor
API 500 Series EQ Collection
API 2500 Mix Buss Compressor
Neve Dynamics Collection
Tube Tech EQ & Compressor Collection
Maag EQ4
Vertigo Sound VSC-2 Compressor
MXR Flanger/Doubler
Eden WT800 Bass Amp
Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb
Moog Minimoog