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Welcome to AudioIntegrity – Online Audio Mastering & Mixing Services

We all want our music to sound the best it can and we want it to stand out from the rest of the noise. That's where AudioIntegrity, who does online audio mastering  & mixing, comes into view.  In today’s music business environment it’s important to gain an edge sonically. That edge starts with good sounding mixes which become even greater sounding masters once the mastering process is performed. The premise behind mastering is to take a final mix and make it sound better, more consistent, balanced, dynamic and current in terms of loudness and deliver it in a usable format for today’s listener.




AudioIntegrity uses a hybrid approach to mastering audio. We use a combination of old school outboard analog gear for eq, compression and flavor then finish it off with an array of software DSP as needed. It’s the broad stroke on an analog pallet with digital tools for fine tuning details.

Our online mixing services offer the ability to have your music professionally mixed remotely via the internet. You can easily sit back in YOUR familiar listening environment and be part of the process. We’ll mix your music and then provide final approval files all online.          

It’s amazing what you can do with today’s digital tools. The days of splicing up tape are pretty much gone. Easily edit sections together, rearrange, denoise, derumble, tune vocals & instruments, pitch change, stretch audio and the list goes on. There’s not much you can’t do.                         

Check out some

Before/After Samples

Sun Up (Rap/Hip Hop)

Ghetto Luv (Dance Hall)

Pretty Waste (Alt. Rock)

Dioses (Alt.Rock)

Lounge with Sax (Ambient Jazz)

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