Welcome to our Audio Mastering Samples Page!

This area is provided as a means to audition various sound clips from clients who have mastered (or mixed) their album projects with AudioIntegrity. Please select an MP3 file to audition by clicking on the Play button. We provide Before & After (MIX and MASTERED versions) samples so you can hear our work. We’re the best online mastering company out there with almost two decades knowledge and experience.

This section is always a work in progress...

Ghetto Luv (Dance Hall)

Wait For You (Alt. Rock)

Pretty Waste (Alt. Rock/Hop)

Sun Up (Rap/HipHop) * Mixed & Mastered by AudioIntegrity

Laws (Alt. Rock/Post Hardcore)

Trinity Park (Acoustic Pop)

Turn Up Green (Country/Rock)

African Eagle (Reggae) * Mixed & Mastered by AudioIntegrity