MFiT Approved Mastering


Looking for MfiT approved mastering? AudioIntegrity is an approved mastering studio that can deliver properly mastered files ready for the iTunes submission and encoding process. Apple and iTunes has become one of the most important players in digital music distribution. In order for your music to be “badged” as MFiT (Mastered for iTunes) your music must be mastered by an approved MFiT studio. AudioIntegrity is an APPROVED MFiT mastering studio. We are on their approved studio list and we adhere to Apple’s guidelines and use their encoding tools to make sure we deliver MFiT ready 24 bit .wav files.

WHAT IS MFiT? (Mastered For iTunes)

  • Sets a standard in streaming music by providing guidelines on how your mastered music will encode through the Apple iTunes codec’s, ensuring a higher end and more consistent playback experience.

  • It’s a designation given to digital music files on the iTunes platform that has been mastered by an MFiT approved studio.


Because we are an approved MFiT mastering studio your music, when mastered by AudioIntegrity, will be “badged” with the MFiT icon on the iTunes platform.  All you have to do is submit the files we provide along with our information and email address (so iTunes can verify it’s coming from an approved studio) and your files will carry the MFiT badge.  The most ideal place to submit to Apple iTunes and all the other streaming sites (Pandora, Google Play, Amazon etc) is to use CD Baby.