Offering Audio Mastering Services, Mixing & Digital Editing Services

In today's production and music business environment there's no doubt having a professional engineer with years of experience at your disposal is a big advantage. Granted not everyone can afford this at every step of the process and we certainly understand that. We break our services down into really two different disciplines - Mastering and Mixing. Our Digital Editing services are sub-services to our main focus on Mastering audio and Mixing albums. Please select a link below to learn more about the services and also audition audio samples from past projects.


AudioIntegrity uses a hybrid approach to mastering audio. We use a combination of old school outboard analog gear for eq, compression and flavor then finish it off with an array of software DSP as needed. It’s the broad stroke on an analog pallet with digital tools for fine tuning details.


Our online mixing services offer the ability to have your music professionally mixed remotely via the internet. You can easily sit back in YOUR familiar listening environment and be part of the process. We’ll mix your music and then provide final approval files all online.          


It’s amazing what you can do with today’s digital tools. The days of splicing up tape are pretty much gone. Easily edit sections together, rearrange, denoise, derumble, tune vocals & instruments, pitch change, stretch audio and the list goes on. There’s not much you can’t do.                         

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