Get the scoop on our pricing!

AudioIntegrity attempts to make pricing simple and straightforward. We charge a per track or per song fee which includes everything listed below. For specific digital editing tasks we charge by the hour. Please review the details below for more information.

Audio Mastering Prices

$50 / Track (Stereo Mixes)

$75 / Track (STEM Mix/Mastering)

Will mix and master STEMS. You provide your music and vocals separated or sub-grouped so we can treat them individually and remix/master them back into a final stereo master file.

Included in Mastering Price:

Test/Approval 16bit/44.1KHz .wav files delivered via our Dropbox file sharing site.

Final 16bit/44.1KHz .wav files named and ordered for submission to CD Baby or for use on other digital download sites that require full resolution .wav files.

We can also deliver 24bit/44.1KHz "mastered for iTunes" wav files at -1dB below zero.

Upon Client Request - 2 PMCD's (CD & Safety Master) with PQ Code printouts (supplied if project is to be duplicated or replicated).

We can also create DDP 2.0 Fileset for upload to your chosen replicator (if they accept DDP - most do these days).

Accepted formats for mastering include: .WAV, .AIF ,FLAC, AAC, DAT, CD & CD24 Masterlink disc.

We will accept .MP3's too, but prefer full resolution .wav or .aif over any other format.

Audio Mixing Prices

$299 / Song or Project Price

We have a per song charge of $299 for online audio mixing services. This includes all mix time and unlimited (within reason) rounds of revisions. We provide stereo .wav files for listening and approval. Your feedback is very important in the direction of the mixing so we encourage it.

Included in Audio Mixing Price:

Mix time per song, plus near unlimited revision rounds per client request. We want it right and we want you happy!

Stereo .wav files for listening and approval.

We accept .wav or .aif files for all tracks within a song/session. *** Please Make Sure To Clean Your Tracks before submitting them to us. If you can provide clean tracks we can focus on mixing versus cleaning (no clicks or pops, multiple playlists etc - have your tracks, takes etc bounced and ready for mixing).

Accepted Audio Formats: .WAV, .AIF files.Price includes mastering of final mixes (if desired – or you can take the mixes to someone else for mastering).

** Please note if you have an album or EP project contact us for project pricing. Pricing above is for mixing single songs.

Digital Editing Prices

$60 / Hour

All digital editing is charged by the hour @ $60/hr. This includes all editing time and a final master cd , data disc or .wav files via FTP for final delivery. ** Please note that this is a separate service outside of our normal "mastering" editing tasks. Our editing services are for dealing with track specific issues, vocal sweetening, instrument tuning, noise removal etc.

Included in Editing Price:

Editing time and test .wav files for approval.Final .

Wav or .AIF files delivered via the FTP site.

Accepted Audio Formats: .WAV, .AIF ,FLAC, AAC, DAT, CD & CD24 Masterlink disc.

We will accept .MP3's too, but prefer full resolution .wav or .aif over any other format.